Hi everyone.

My name is Amon Nakamura. Let me introduce myself briefly.

I am a student of IPU New Zealand and currently majoring in International Relations.



私は中村碧文と申します。手短に自己紹介をさせていただくと、私はIPU ニュージーランドで国際関係学部を専攻しています。


I am writing this report just because I would like people to know more about New Zealand and how international students like me spend our life in New Zealand.




Today’s topic is my go-to restaurants in Palmerston North. Apparently, Palmerston North has the largest number of restaurants in New Zealand. (I am not 100% sure about it even though I heard it from my friends who are majoring in tourism.)





Anyway, I chose some restaurants from the aspects of their tastes; how good the food is, cost; how much the food costs, and location of the restaurants. Also, I will put some pictures of each restaurant so I hope they make you guys hungry 😉





The first restaurant I want to introduce is Bean Cafe. This restaurant is named cafe but they actually serve high quality of asian meals such as chicken katsu, hot pot, oyakodon, and curry and rice. They are located in the middle of town which is 15 minutes away by bus from IPU campus. And the picture below is my favorite meal which is a Garlic pepper chicken bowl, Sorry I ate some of it but highly recommend it!







The second restaurant I want to share with you guys is iL Capo. This restaurant is an Italian restaurant which is located by IPU campus which is like 5 minutes away on foot. So I heavily repeated going here since I was a first year student. The boss of this restaurant is a really nice guy, he always welcomes foreign customers regardless of any languages and races with a big smile.





As I mentioned above, I’ve come here more than 50 times to be honest. So I know what the best meal in this restaurant is. The best pasta is Carbonara. Many people might think it is too oily, but trust me, this taste got you addicted.

The price is not that expensive like 16 dollars for a regular sized pasta, you can put a dollar for extra noodles. I guarantee a single meal will beat your hunger!





The picture below is when I went to iL Capo with my friends. Unfortunately there is no carbonara but there are a variety of options so they are never gonna get you bored 😉





Here is the best restaurant I highly recommend! The restaurant is called The COBB. I dont know what the COBB stands for but this restaurant serves steaks, hamburgers, fish and chips and everything at a reasonable price! It is located 15 mins away from IPU campus by bus.




There is a chicken hamburger and chips, and most importantly, a jug of beer! I usually drink a whole jug of beer while eating a massive steak. In New Zealand, people are allowed to drink from 18 years old, so if you are more than 18 years old, you definitely go there and enjoy the meals with your friends.




Overall, I just showed just 3 best restaurants in Palmerston North, but there are more. Only one thing I want to mention is Explore and find what you really like in Palmerston North!




I hope you guys enjoy this article 😉

See you next month!