Bubble Ball Palmerston NorthがIPUに来ました!


Covid-19によるロックダウンの終了を記念して、土曜日に街のBubble Ball Palmerston NorthがIPUに来ました!!

Bubble Ballはパーマストンノースに今まで無かった新感覚のアクテビティで、あらゆる年齢層の人たちに人気のスポーツとなっています。

-原文- 7月20日 (From Facebook)

To celebrate the end of COVID-19 lock-down, BubbleBall Palmerston North came to IPU on Saturday. BubbleBall is a new activity in Palmerston North and has become a popular game for people of all ages.
16 IPU students were given the chance to play BubbleBall Soccer and Bullrush games on Saturday and everyone had a great time bumping each other to the ground!
Next time we hope for an outdoor event during the summer months.